In response to a recent enquiry for the development of a movable access gangway system for an explorer yacht re-fit project, TBV’s team has developed an automatic and fully retractable gangway system which is to offer full operationality whilst utilizing the smallest possible space on deck.

The movable gangway system is composed of three different rotating/pivoting points and an electro-hydraulic hoisting beam, all there to facilitate the different movements required to bring the system from its 90° stowed position in the available recess area to the variable outreach position (maximum 3000mm) and variable application angle (20-50°).

Due to the versatile operating situations for the gangway, and because the landing surfaces vary from harbor quays; the system’s design has been fitted with adjusting steps and railings ensuring optimal safety of users.

In design and construction of the system, the client’s high visual and quality related requirements have been taken into account.

By the specific design of the system, its composition allows to:

  • Retract completely (minimum space consumption in stowed position);
  • Offer optimal safety for embarking and disembarking the vessel in versatile situations;
  • Be operational up to an outreach of 3000mm, allowing effective use also when shore/landing surface is not directly aligned with the vessel;
  • To answer to all visual, technical and safety related requirements of the project.


TBV’s gangway principle can also be implemented with a telescopic and even a foldable gangway solution, and it can be adapted for application in offshore and commercial situations too.