Mechanical Engineering Solutions

Apart from the main solutions, TBV also specializes in a range of unique mechanical engineering solutions. An example is the Outboard Elevator for an Icebreaker ship. TBV's scalable outboard elevator/lifting principle makes it possible to hoist and lower equipment, and persons outboard in a controlled, stabilized and safe manner.

Unique Characteristics

The principle includes the following unique
characteristics, that ensure its operational capabilities and safety:

Roll and pitch (heel and trim) compensation for (heavy) outboard vertical lifting
Synchronized double-beam system for the horizontal movement
Guiding frames for synchronized and guided vertical movement
Complete system is operational in +/- 40°C environments
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) developed for arctic environments
Redundant Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
Redundant composition of winches for vertical lifting

Application Purposes

This solution can be implemented for lifting  and lowering items to and from the shore, a pack of ice or from the water line. Of the various application possibilities, the following is a selection:

Outboard handling of persons
Outboard handling of heavy equipment (UUVs, submersibles)
Outboard handling of mission crafts or other sensitive equipment

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