Superyacht style elevators

Using our experience in building unique (luxurious) elevators, in combination with our expertise in technical solutions for the maritime market, we develop and create different types of luxury elevator systems for implementation on superyachts and other vessels requiring unique elevators.  In all our projects, our team of experienced engineers work closely together with the client and its architects or designers. Doing so, we always design, manufacture and install the elevators completely up to wishes and expectations. As set out below, the visual and technical designs are of key importance in our projects.

Visual design approach

For the visual design of the elevators, we work closely together with the client and shipyard and the design team working on the project. From this, we make sure that all visual design requirements, among which cladding materials and the hiding of technology are processed into our design.

Along the path of the development of the elevator, we stay in close touch and exchange design renders and sample materials in order to ensure the optimal integration of the elevator into the vessel’s/superyacht’s styling.

Therewith, we can implement all choices of materials into our design, making sure the result lives up to all expectations.

Panoramic shafts
Clear/tinted glass
(Copper) mesh materials in glass
Call buttons integrated in the glass
Frameless (self-supporting) glass
Hidden guiding & technology
Architectural bronze
Mirrored/ Polished stainless steel

Technical Design Approach

Same as for the visual design of our elevators, also the technical design is fully adapted to the project’s requirements.

In fact, the technical design is for each project developed to make the realization of the visual design possible. This is because for realizing the unique elevator designs that we manufacture, numerous engineering challenges are generally to be overcome.

For this, though not exhaustive, we implement and develop the following features/capabilities:

Optimized interface through deck rings
Curved door drive systems (small-radius)
Curved sensor curtain solutions
Movable floors to hide pit space
Elevators without head or pit space
Hidden suspensions and guiding
Customized types of drive mechanisms
Self-supporting shaft construction
Remote & other drive system types
Unique brake and safety systems
Machine room less elevators

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