At TBV Marine Systems, we specialize in the development of  custom-made mechanical engineering solutions for maritime applications.

With decades of experience, we develop and manufacture our solutions for owners, navies and shipyards all over the world, where our expertise is requested to solve technical challenges and meet all functional demands.

Our products and services range from the development of tender launch systems and glass elevators for superyachts, to ammunition elevators and USV handling systems for naval applications.

Being a member of the HSD Industy Group, a group gathering versatile technical capabilities, we have all expertise and means available to make the impossible, possible.

Requirement-directed engineering

Each of our solutions is developed specifically to answer all techical and visual design requirement presented by our client, in accordance with functional regulations.

Quality & Durability

We create high-quality solutions that are built to withstand the challenging environments and situations in which they are applied.

20+ Years of Experience

Carrying extensive expertise in realizing unqiue solutions, we can with certainty say that no challenge is too complex. Our technical knowledge, combined with a dedicated approach make that each request can be fulfilled


Determination of the project's requirements and scope of possibilities can be widened based on TBV's capabilities. Upon determination of the requirements, a concept design is generated.

Detailing the designs through extensive engineerings. In this step, all technical and visual design requirements are processed in close correspondence with the client, the class and other involved parties.

Upon design approval, TBV launches the project into production. The production planning is an ticipated to the project's overall planning.

Delivery of interface parts as early as possible to the shipyard. Such practice allows for finalization of all works around the system, minimization of installation time on site, integration of as-built dimensions in TBV's design and production processes.

Due to the high degree of innovation in each project, and to ensure optimal functioning and durability, the sub-systems are subject to factory acceptance testing before their release.

For our global projects, installation works on site takinh place under our direct supervision. We work with the contractor on site, or with dedicated companies appointed together with the involved project parties. After installation, we commission the systems and hand it over to the shipyard / project owner.

Either by ourselves, or by local specialized parties appointed together with the client, service and maintenance works are arranged in an effective manner.

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