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TBV specializes in custom-made technical solutions for the maritime industry, including Tender Launch Systems and elevators for superyachts, helipads for seagoing vessels, and FRC Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) for naval ships.

One and the same team designs, builds and installs your technical solution, leaving you with only one contact to deal with throughout the entire project. Together with our team in The Netherlands and with partners in various locations all over the world, we will monitor the quality, technology and budget of the project.

With our experience, we are specialized in finding unique technical solutions for challenges in ever-changing situations. Having gained decades of experience in the marine and superyacht markets, we know that in open waters, no day is the same.

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Maritime Engineering

One of the world's leading providers of custom technical expertise.

Solution Development

We create high-end technology solutions to enhance the maritime industry.

High-quality Systems

Designed to the highest standards to work within the toughest conditions.


1. Concept Design

Determination of the project's requirements and scope of possibilities can be widened based on TBV's capabilities. Upon determination of the requirements, a concept design is generated.

Detailing the designs through extensive engineerings. In this step, all technical and visual design requirements are processed in close correspondence with the client, the class and other involved parties.

Upon design approval, TBV launches the project intoproduction. The production planning is an ticipated to the project's overall planning.

Delivery of interface parts as early as possible to the shipyard. Such practice allows for finalization of all works around the system, minimization of installation time on site, integration of as-built dimensions in TBV's design and production processes

Due to the high degree of innovation in each project, and to ensure optimal functioning and durability, the sub-systems are subject to factory acceptance testing before their release.

For our global projects, installation works on site takinh place under our direct supervision. We work with the contractor on site, or with dedicated companies appointed together with the involved project parties. After installation, we commission the systems and hand it over to the shipyard / project owner.

Either by ourselves, or by local specialized parties appointed together with the client, service and maintenance works are arranged in an effective manner.

News & projects

TBV completes Crow’s Nest Lift production works

After a period of engineering, production and assembly processes, TBV’s team has completed the production works the specially designed Crow’s Nest lift.


TBV attends the SMM 2022 maritime trade fair in Hamburg, Germany

Presenting our wide portfolio of technical maritime solutions, we will attend the booth of our partner Global Davit GmbH.




TBV is contracted for the order of a customized movable crow’s nest for an ice class yacht. This system shall allow for travel between the main deck and a panoramic view position in the top of the yacht’s mast.



TBV Marine Systems has received an order to supply a customized dumbwaiter solution for a superyacht re-fit project.


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