Lifting Platforms & Hangars

TBV has utilized knowledge, experience, and technical expertise into the development of a mobile helipad with a lifting system. TBV has constructed a moving deck for a 162,5- metre-long yacht.

Design Approach

The combination of a platform, hangar, and lift all feature different technologies. When the helicopter lands, the platform is up; next, a lifting system will lower the platform into the hangar, thus completely freeing up the deck again, as well as concealing the presence of the helicopter onboard.

The platform and the hangar meet CAP 437 Standards.

Optimized interface through deck rings
Curved door drive systems (small-radius)
Curved sensor curtain solutions
Movable floors to hide pit space
Elevators without head or pit space
Hidden suspensions and guiding
Customized types of drive mechanisms
Self-supporting shaft construction
Remote & other drive system types
Unique brake and safety systems
Machine room less elevators

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