For refit works for a cargo vessel TBV Marine Systems has installed backbone elevators. Three of the cargo holes are provided with a passenger elevator (225 kg) with only two stops but a travel of 17 meters.

The completed pre-installed construction, existing of the backbone with guiding, cabin, electro-hydraulic cable drive (1:4) and control box is based on the TBV Marine Systems back-bone design and is made very compact. Also it could installed very easily. All three elevators where hoisted in, just in one day totally. In the same week installation of the backbone and landing doors was finished. In the second week controls and hydraulic drives were adjusted and the complete elevators were tested, commissioned and hand over to the client.

Again was proven that installation of TBV Marine Systems back-bone elevators will save a lot of time at the shipyard, especially in this case were there was no pit, no head, no machine room and almost no free space for trunk materials and other equipment. In this project the total lead time for the refit of only two weeks was enough for TBV to complete all three passenger elevators.