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    Outboard elevating / lifting systems

    To allow for the outboard lifting of heavy equipment, goods and persons safely and effectively, TBV has introduced its scalable outboard elevator/lifting principle.

    With this scalable principle, which is unique world-wide, it is now possible to hoist and lower equipment and persons outboard in a controlled, stabilized and safe way.

    Unique features

    The principle includes the following unique characteristics, that ensure its operational capabilities and safety:

    • Roll and pitch (heel and trim) compensation for (heavy) outboard vertical lifting;
    • Synchronized double-beam system for the horizontal movement;
    • Guiding frames for synchronized and guided vertical movement;
    • Complete system is operational in -/- 40°C environments;
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) developed for arctic environments;
    • Redundant Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU);
    • Redundant composition of winches for vertical lifting.

    Application purposes

    This solution can be implemented for lifting and lowering items to and from the shore, a pack of ice or from the water line. Of the various application possibilities, the following is a selection:

    • Outboard handling of persons;
    • Outboard handling of heavy equipment (UUVs, submersibles);
    • Outboard handling of mission crafts or other sensitive equipment.
    • Outboard elevator partially-out position
    • Outboard elevator partially-out position, heel and trim compensated
    • Outboard sideways lifting system with synchronized horizontal beams
    • View from elevator room
    • Vertical guiding frame solution for guided outboard lifting
    • Vertical guiding frame solution for guided outboard lifting
    • UPS System for arctic, cold environment