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    Naval-Marine Cargo, Load and Ammunition Elevators

    TBV Marine Systems develops and manufcatures specialized cargo, load and ammunition lifts/elevators for marine and naval vessels. 

    These elevators have been implemented in vessels all across the globe. 

    Operationality is key

    For this line of products, we take into consideration all requirements presented by our client and the functional regulations, amongst which the operating conditions to ensure operationality and safety in the harshest of conditions

    Doing so, and taking into account installation effiiciency, we often base our solutions on our backbone concept. Amongst many further advantages, this concept also enables us to arrange an optimal distribution of forces to the vessel by absorbing the forces of the elevator into our own frame.

    Unique characteristics

    TBV’s cargo, load and ammunition elevators have the following unique characteristics:

    • Low weight of total installation
    • Optimal distribution of forces to vessel
    • Optimal fire resistance
    • Careful handling of sensitive loads
    • Full compliance with functional shock-proof requirements
    • Operationality with requested vessel movements ensured
    • Applicable for each load capacity
    • Compliance with vibration management requirements
    • Optimal installation management, minimal involvement of the shipyard
    • Lifetime maintenance management (minimization of wear and tear parts)
    • Optimal safety management in full compliance with functional regulations