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    FRC & RHIB Launch and Recovery System (LARS)

    The Fast Response Craft (FRC) stern ramp Launch and Recovery System (LARS) has been developed in collaboration with the German company Global Davit GmbH.

    The patented LARS is capable of launching and recovering FRCs and Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) with a length of over ten meters, weighing over eight tons safely and effectively. These procedures can be executed successfully in a sea state up to SS4, a 5 Beaufort wind speed and waves up to 2.25 meters.

    For each project, the system will be completely tailored to the craft it shall carry and the mother vessel to which it shall be applied. Moreover, the LARS will be specifically designed to answer all requirements from the client, the class and further regulations.

    The LARS uses a double frame construction, mounted at the stern slipway of the vessel. These frames consist out of the main frame and the landing frame with a buckling unit.

    The launching and recovering procedures are executed as follows: the landing frame lowers into the water and buckles horizontally; now the FRC/RHIB hooks itself into the landing frame, using the specially designed catch hook. At this point, the landing frame will straighten back in line with the main frame, while the mainframe simultaneously pulls back into the vessel’s slipway. The movement of both frames is powered by one cylinder.

    For the complete launch and recovery procedure, please refer to the video below, also please find the LARS Brochure here.

    The system consists of:

    • Main frame
    • Landing frame
    • Buckling unit
    • Innovative towing cable system powered by one cylinder
    • Synchronisation cables
    • Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
    • Electronic main control box
    • Deck Control Panels
    • Specially designed catch hook to be assembled on the FRC/RHIB
    • Protective fenders and blocks assembled onto the landing frame
    • Hydraulic powered stern doors