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    Food elevators for restaurants | Dumbwaiters

    Dumbwaiters are elevators used to convey food or small goods, mostly between the kitchen and the restaurant. They come in different sizes and designs. Among others, we have designed dumbwaiters for Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury yachts, but we’ve also constructed shockproof dumbwaiters to be used on naval vessels in order to safely transport ammunition to the upper deck. Extreme Elevator Solutions designs and constructs dumbwaiters according to the latest guidelines and with the aid of state-of-the-art techniques.

    XEL’s specialties:

    • Trough the counter / deck systems
    • Low-noise systems
    • High-qaulity finishing
    • Special material finishing:
      • Bronze
      • (mirrored) stainless steel
      • Blue steel
      • Etc.

    Project video: